PROJECT TITLE: Metallic Plasma Generator for Space Applications — MPG

Coordinator: Institute of Space Science 

Partners: -

Period: December 2013 - December 2015

Project director: Marian Mogîldea

Project team: 6 researchers 

Description: The project aims to research the possibility of using a lead based metallic plasma generator for future applications in space propulsion. Today the existing space missions use gaseous fuel for propulsion, while the European and international directions are focusing on developing new technologies. Coupling a microwave generator with a solid propellant could represent a breakthrough in the science community that will benefit the academia and industry worldwide.

Project objectives:

  1. Documentation and analysis of the interaction of the microwave radiation with matter,
  2. Design of the experimental setup,
  3. Development of the experimental setup,
  4. Experiment running and characterization


Contributions to the STAR programme objectives: Identifying  technological and industrial national, european and international  research niches, European and  defining and identifying projects for participation in ESA optional programs.

Homepage: MPG