DonQ Air

on 23 June 2014

PROJECT TITLE: DonQ Air - Promoting RTD în aeronautic SMEs of Poland, Romania, and Turkey

Coordinator: IPPT (IFTR) - Poland



Project Director:


The coordination of research activities at European level is one of the main aims of the European research program, as well as the participation of SMEs in this program, participation which until now is not satisfactory. In response to this problem, Don Q Air intends to promote the European programs to the aeronautical SMEs in Poland, Romania and Turkey and to improve their participation in these programs.

The target group is represented by companies or clusters of companies having sufficient experience in international cooperation and the necessary research capacity, and who are interested co cooperate in European projects.
The method: The DonQ method was developed by the Spanish partner in the project, CARSA, and has been already successfully implemented in several European regions. This method consists of four steps:

Project objectives:


In 2008 the project activity was interrupted by mutual agreement between both partners and the project officer within the EC, due to the lack of call for aviation for which could be made proposals with the participation of SMEs. The following activities were accomplished:


Project webpage: DonQ Air