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JUICE, or the Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer, is ESA's future mission to explore Jupiter, the Solar System's largest planet and its ocean-bearing moons: Ganymede, Europa and Callisto.

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Ministerul Cercetării și Inovării, prin Direcția Generală Organism Intermediar Cercetare Axa Prioritară 1 Cercetare, dezvoltare tehnologică și inovare (CDI), organizează procesul de evaluare științifică și tehnică pentru proiectele depuse în cadrul următoarelor apeluri:

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Meet ESASky, a discovery portal that provides full access to the entire sky. This open-science application allows computer, tablet and mobile users to visualise cosmic objects near and far across the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Awarding outstanding ideas and applications that use Earth observation data to tackle challenges faced by business and society, the Copernicus Masters 2018 competition is now open for submissions.

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The magnetic field is arguably one of the most mysterious features of our planet. ESA’s Swarm mission is continually yielding more insight into how our protective shield is generated, how it behaves and how it is changing. Adding yet another string to its bow, Swarm is now tracking changes in the magnetic field produced in the oceans in more detail that ever before.

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