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Aeolus data goes public

on 14 May 2020

The data from the Aeolus satellite mission, delivering new information about Earth’s winds, are now being distributed publicly to forecasting services and scientific users in less than three hours of measurements being made from space.

Aeolus is one of ESA’s Earth Explorer missions, in which Romania is also a participant, that set out to demonstrate how new ways of observing Earth can advance our understanding of how the planet works as a system.

Carrying one of the most sophisticated instruments ever to be put into orbit, Aeolus is the first satellite mission to directly profile Earth’s winds from space.

These new data are being distributed in near real-time through ESA’s Aeolus Online Dissemination Centre as well as other channels.

With Aeolus built as a research and demonstrator mission, it has shown its worth as an operational mission with the data being used for everyday weather forecasting, paving the way for a possible future fleet of operational Doppler wind lidar satellites in space.

More information about Aeolus data can be found at this link.

Image credit: ESA/VirES