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The Romanian Space Agency and the Polish Space Agency to enhance their cooperation

on 16 November 2018

The President of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), Dr. Phys. Marius-Ioan Piso, and the President of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA), PhD, Dsc Grzegorz Brona, signed a Letter of Intent to enhance cooperation between the two agencies, during a Romanian-Polish Bilateral Meeting in Bucharest, on 14-15 November.

The letter comes as a result of the two countries’ common interest in the use of space technology for peaceful purpose and their strong mutual interest and long-standing heritage of space achievements.

Through the signing of this letter, the agencies affirm their intent to cooperate especially in the following areas:

  • Space Situational Awareness (SSA);
  • Access to space, including launchers and launch facilities;
  • Earth Observation;
  • Space Exploration;
  • Joint participation in the space-related research and development programs of the European Commission and other organisations.

The two parties will concentrate their efforts upon innovative space technologies and applications, in which both Romania and the Republic of Poland have proven expertise.

The parties affirmed their intent to support the conclusion of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Agencies which shall enable them to implement effective cooperation in the area of space activities.

The program of the bilateral meeting included an industry workshop, presentations, bilateral talks and a visit at the industrial facilities of the National Institute for Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli” (INCAS), COMOTI, the Institute of Space Science — the Romanian NanoSatellite Technology Competence Centre and at the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI).

Image credit: ROSA