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The Plan for European Cooperating States (PECS) was designed to help European countries, particularly those that joined the EU after 2004, to join ESA.

PECS is helping to stimulate relations with interested European countries, to expand the overall European scientific and industrial base and to enrich ESA as a research and development organisation.

The first countries to join PECS were Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania. On 17 February 2006, Romania signed the Cooperating State Agreement and on 16 February 2007 our country signed the PECS Charter at ESA Headquarters in Paris. Areas of cooperation included ESA’s microgravity and exploration programme and technology activities.

Under PECS Romania developed 11 projects:

  1. ROKEO
  3. LOEWorks
  5. Plack_LFI_SED
  6. CFS
  7. KEEV
  8. RoSpaceGRID
  9. CoRoT
  10. ICRF
  11. SOHO

Details about each project can be found here.

Following its activities during PECS, on 20 January 2011 Romania signed the Accession Agreement to the ESA Convention, and on 22 December 2011, Romania deposited its instrument of ratification of the ESA Convention in Paris, becoming the 19th ESA Member State. More details about ROSA's activities as ESA Member State are available here.

To find out which are the current countries under PECS and more information about ESA’s programme, please visit this webpage.